Achievements in the promotion of contemporary Chinese painting
In recent years, Mr. K. Y. Ng has been actively engaged in promoting contemporary Chinese painting. Nine exhibitions, each with a distinct theme and accompanied by a museum standard catalogue, have been mounted since 1990:

2015 & 2016 A Tale of Two Cities
Painting and Calligraphy by Shanghai and Hong Kong Artists
jointly presented by Shanghai Art Academy and K.Y. Fine Art, was shown respectively in Hong Kong (2015) and Shanghai (2016)
2004 Spring in Jinling
World of Fifteen Comtemporary Nanjing Painters
jointly presented by K.Y. Fine Art and Kaikodo of New York, was shown respectively in New York and Hong Kong.
1997 The Flowering Field
jointly presented by Luen Chai and Kaikodo of New York, was shown respectively in New York and Hong Kong.
1996 Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition
jointly presented by Luen Chai and Duoyunxuan of Shanghai, was shown respectively in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
1993 The Infinite Palette
1992 The Verdant Cliff
1991 Chinese Figure Paintings
1990 In the Literati Tradition
1990 Metamorphosis

Of the Nine exhibitions presented by Mr. K. Y. Ng, The Verdant Cliff - Chinese Paintings by Fourteen Celebrated Taiwanese Artists is particularly worth mentioning. An album by the late artist Jiang Zhaoshen, former Vice-Director of the National Palace Museum of Taipei, was bought by The British Museum. This has made news headlines in Taiwan because it is the first work of a Taiwanese painter ever collected by this world-famous museum - a top honour for the Taiwan art circle.