Translations for Museums
Mr. K. Y. Ng also did translations for a number of museum catalogues. His major works are found in:

2003 Translate into Chinese the Preface by Mimi Gardner Gates, The Illsley Ball Nordstrom Director, Seattle Art Museum in the Jiurutang Collection catalogue, Hong Kong.
1993 The Inaugural Exhibition Catalogue for the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, England.
1990 Captions for Ancient Chinese and Ordos Bronzes, Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong.
1989 Shiwan Wares, Fung Ping Shan Museum, University of Hong Kong.
1987 S. C. Ko Tianminlou Collection of Chinese Porcelain, Hong Kong Museum of Art.
1979 South-East Asian and Chinese Trade Pottery, Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong.