Other Services for Museums

2008 Help editing a catalogue written by Rose Kerr, former Chief Curator of the Far Eastern Section at the Victoria and Albert Museum, U. K., entitled Song Society Through 21 st Century Eye published in January 2009
2005 Coordinating Exhibition of Chinese Ceramics and the Maritime Trade Pre-1700 for the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, U.K.
1996 Selecting exhibits for the exhibition "The Twentieth Century Chinese Painting - Tradition and Innovation" (1995) organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, which was shown in The British Museum.
1990 Deciphering inscriptions on the group of 20th century porcelain in the Simon Kwan Collection displayed in the Hong Kong Museum of Art and pubished in the exhibition catalogue Brush and Clay.
1986 Compiling a list of Yixing Potters for the late Dr K. S. Lo to be used in his book The Stonewares of Yixing from the Ming Period to the Present Day. Dr Lo was a world famous collector. He donated his huge collection of tea wares to the Hong Kong Government and The Hong Kong Tea Ware Museum was then established to house it.