Preface by Lang Shaojun
Foreword by K.Y. Ng
Preface by Howard Rogers
Online Catalogue
Spring in Jinling
Works of Fifteen Contemporary Nanjing Painters

New York: 16 - 31 March 2004
Hong Kong: 26 - 31 April 2004

The show comprises 84 recent paintings by fifteen contemporary artists working in Nanjing, a city that has produced many important writers and painters over the centuries. By showing the works of the 'new literati painters' so soon after the recent exhibition 'Passion for the Mountions:17th Century Landscape Masterpieces from the Nanjing Museum' at the China Institute, New York, Kaiyuen Ng of K.Y. Fine Art hopes that visitors will see that the 'glorious, ancient tradition of literati painting' continues.