Biographical Notes:

born 1936

Born in Shanghai, Qu was employed as editor by the Shanghai People's Publishing House of Fine Arts in 1954. In 1957, he participated In the Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition and was awarded a prize. In 1959, his works were shown In the National Art Exhibition held in Beijing and an international art exhibition held in Moscow. In 1962, his paintings were included In Masterpieces of Contemporary Chinese Painters published in Leipzig, Germany. He taught In the Shanghai Institute of Fine Arts in 1971 and moved to USA in 1981. His first one-man show was held In New York in 1982 and his work was awarded the first prize by St. John University, New York in 1984. He founded the Research Institute of Chinese Art In America In 1988 and was elected its president. Three solo-exhibitions of landscape paintings were held In New York, Shanghai and Hong King in 1994. His publications include How to paint with Gouache and various painting albums of his own.
Album of Works