Biographical Notes:

born 1951 in Nanjing;

graduated from the Jiangsu Painting Academy;

currently employed by the Jiangsu Painting Academy .

Major Exhibitions:

between 1985 and 1995 participated in 11 exhibitions within China, 2 in Japan , 1 in Korea , 2 in Taiwan , and 1 in Singapore, and 2 in the United States.


  • A Selection of Landscapes by Chang Jin;
  • A Selection of Figure Paintings by Chang Jin;
  • A Chinese Artist - Chang Jin;
  • Dream Rain, Soul Wind - Chang Jin's Landscapes;
  • New Literati Painting of Contemporary China (Jiangsu Art Press, 1990);
  • Compendium of Chinese Painters of the Second Half of the 20th Century - New Literati Painting, Chang Jin (Hebei Educational Press, 1997).
Album of Works