Biographical Notes:

born 1955

Original named Chen Kunren, Yu Peng was born in P'ing-yang-tang of Wai-shuang-ch'i, Taipei in 1955. He started to experiment on sculpture as early as eleven years old and learnt to make woodblock prints in the years 1968 to 1970. Between the years 1971 to 1975, he learnt painting under the tutorship of Chen Yigeng. Later he joined the army for two years. Within these two years he travelled with the army in Taiwan and took the opportunity to sketch as he travelled. He studied watercolour with Deng Guoqing and painting with Li Qimao after he left the army. In the years between 1977 to 1980, he made a living by selling watercolours, drawings and painting portraits and at the same time studied traditional puppet shadow-play theatre with Zhang Mingshou and Xu Funeng. In 1981, he visited many cities in Mainland China . In 1985, he founded the Shuangxi Pavilion Art Centre, the Puppet Shadow-play Society and a pottery studio.

One-man Show


  • SpIing Garden Gallery ( Taipei , 1980); Thousand Giant Gallery (Taipei, 1983);
  • Artists' Gallery (1985): Hanart Gallery (Taipei. 1989. 1991).

Hong Kong

  • Hanart 2 (1989).

United States of America

  • Hanart Gallery Inc., (New York, 1988, 1990); Towson State University (Maryland).

Joint Exhibition


  • Three expressionists show" (Shangwa Gallery. Taipei. 1982): WistaIia Studio (Taipei, 1990):
  • Bronze and Stone Gallery (Taichung. 1990).

Hong Kong

  • First show in Hong Kong (1986); Hanart 2 (1988).


  • Athens (1981).


  • Man and Earth - Paintings by Yu Peng (New York. 1990)
  • Yu Peng: a Contemporary Chinese Painter (Maryland. 1991).


Album of Works