Biographical Notes:

born 1954

Born in New York and alias Juchuan, Zhang is a native of Jiashan in Zhejiang. He was an art history student of Professor James Cahill, and holds a master's degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a bachelor degree from the University of Colorado. Primarily a landscape painter, Zhang has studied painting and connoisseurship with C.C. Wang since 1976. He also studied with Guo Yanqiao and Wang Jiyuan. His works have been exhibited in Boulder, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai. His first one--man show was held at "Kaikodo" in New York in February 1996. He has taught Chinese art at the University of Colorado and San Francisco City College, organized several exhibitions, and is the author of numerous books, exhibition catalogues and articles on Chinese painting. He served for many years as vice-president and director of Chinese paintings at Sotheby's
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