Biographical Notes:

Born in Dongguan, Guangdong, Wang moved to Hong Kong when he was a child. He went to USA in 1961 and studied respectively in the College of Art and Design in Columbus and the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts. In 1965, he obtained an MFA degree. In 1966, he was teaching Art and Design Courses at the Extramural Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was the assistant curator of the Hong Kong Museum and Art Gallery from 1967-74, and the principal lecturer of the Swire School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1974. he is the author of a number of Chinese and English publications on art and design and his paintings have been shown in fourteen countries around the world. Many solo-exhibitions have been held in Hong Kong, Taipei, London, New York, Minneapolis, Columbus and Toronto. Retrospective exhibitions dedicated to his works have been organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Minneapolis Art Gallery, USA.

Album of Works